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Lauren Bush - Graphic and Website Designer

Hello, I’m Lauren Bush. Founder of Align Design Co.

I’m not your typical “creative”. Sure, I love all things design, but at the end of the day, I’m happiest when I perform for my clients. I’m an athlete and competitive in nature, so when I get that “win”, I feel like I’ve succeeded. My passion is client satisfaction.

I launched Align Design Co. because of my desire to have a healthy work/life balance. It’s important to me to excel in what I do both on and off the “field” and owning my own business allows me that luxury.

It sounds cheesy, but my favorite part of the job is building relationships. It’s not just business for me, but I truly value the relationships I’ve built over the years and can call a lot of my clients friends.

So reach out, lets connect. I’m always looking for new friends to join my “team”.


At Align Design Co. we pride ourselves on offering high-quality design and service. With 17 years in the industry, we have experience working in a variety of mediums for customers in diverse markets. From small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we strive to help you communicate your message in the most effective, aesthetic way.

Exceptional Service

When you need us, we are there. We reply promptly to communications and react quickly and positively.

Budget Conscious

We provide solutions that work within your budget and create a clearly defined estimate prior to beginning any work.

Your Design Partner

We can serve as your sole designer or we can collaborate as an extension internal design team.

1:1 Ratio

Work directly with the designer, not an account rep, which helps streamline the process.

Problem Solvers

We’re go-getters with a good attitude. We are experts in what we do, but can also think outside the box to find resourceful cost-friendly solutions.

Fun Fact

We’re obsessed with keeping a clean inbox.

Graphic and Website Design

Our Process:
Keep it Simple

Clearly defining your project scope helps to effectively manage expectations and ensures that our design is aligned with your communication objectives. We offer a stress-free approach, getting up-to-speed quickly which means less hand-holding for you. After all, you’re busy enough. Let us help lighten your workload.

With our defined path in place, we begin the concepting phase. We design visuals that are on-brand and help clearly communicate your messaging to your audience. We’re “creatives”. We’d be lying if we said this wasn’t our favorite part.

Bringing the design to life, we launch your project. We deliver highly effective design, service and results that ensure success. When you’re happy, we’re happy and thrive on your satisfaction.